Who we are


Tegengas/Dégaze is a grassroots citizens’ initiative consisting of people locally impacted by new fossil gas plants across all of Belgium, and people from environmental, anti-nuclear and other social movements.

Together, we strongly oppose subsidizing and constructing new fossil gas plants in Belgium and we are in support of a full and definite nuclear exit by 2025.

Instead, we aim for a just transition to a society using less energy overall, meeting everyone’s needs within planetary boundaries. Read more about our demands here.

What do we do?

With Tegengas/Dégaze we believe in bottom-up campaigning, using a diversity of tactics.

We engage in awareness-raising such as flyering in directly affected municipalities, organising info-sessions, and running petitions to show the wide-spread resistance against new fossil gas plants.

We also take the streets. We mobilise directly affected people to join protests at key decisional moments and organise a yearly bike tour throughout the country passing by all locations involved.

Legal actions make out another key part of the campaign with the goal of undermining the federal subsidy mechanism and the environmental permits of new fossil gas plants.

Through opinion articles, interviews and podcasts, we offer alternative visions of a clean and just energy landscape.

Lastly, we cannot do without direct actions such as occupying headquarters of political parties, brandalism poster actions and guerilla projections at cooling towers of gas power plants.

How we are organised

Tegengas/Dégaze is a nationally coordinated citizens’ initiative and a network of local committees opposing new fossil gas plants in their neighborhood. We are bound together by our opposition against both fossil gas and nuclear energy, and our commitment to struggle in solidarity with one another to keep new gas plants from being built.

Do you feel the same? Awesome! You’re welcome in Tegengas/Dégaze!

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